Julien Smith : French film director, architect and photographer, born in 1975. Living in Vietnam since 2004



Julien Smith is a French self-taught film-maker. Professional architect and photographer, he works with moving images since 2002 using personal resources at hand.

In 2002, together with actor Fabien Baïardi, they produce their first short film in 24 hours the day when Europe adopted Euro with their first Euro in their pocket as unique budget. The film was inspired by Bjork’s song “Frosti”.

Together, they will produce a series of mini video clips and undertake to discover Vietnam for one year. They will bring back a travel clip in 2004, which will constitute a multimedia DVD accompanying their draft book (photos and texts), entitled: “Vietnam, a country of men, supported by women”.

After this trip, Julien decides to stay in Vietnam and work as an architect where he creates his own architecture company. In 2005, he produces an experimental short movie using the “split screen” technique which allows the same actor to play two different characters present in the same scene “Waiting for Bodal”.

In Vietnam, he meets Emmanuel Hubert, self-made film-maker like him. Together with Bruno Senouci, they create « Louch’Bem Films » in 2010. The production range includes travel trip or institutional films as well as experimental short movies, films about architecture and films for charity foundations.

In 2010, in the context of the first international competition « 48 Hours Films Project » in Vietnam, they win the prize for artistic direction and get the award for the best sound design with “Same Same”.

In 2011, in the second edition of this competition, they obtain the prize for the best choreography with “Olga”.

On the same year 2011, based on an original scenario, they start to write “Contrebande” a film directed by Julien Smith and produced by Louch’Bem Films.

“Contrebande” received the award of the best movie “fire heart award” at the short film festival Yxine in Vietnam in2014.

In 2016, Julien has produced and directed a short clip-movie “Dark Fairy”.

In 2018, he produces and directs a short movie “Reboot” based on the script written in collaboration with Clément Jarlier.

In 2019, he directs a short movie “Hotel Paradis” based on the script written by Nicolas Plesse in collaboration with Franck Sicart.

Julien is now working on various feature scripts projects and looking for producers.